Monday, 18 April 2011

Post-rock Guitar Effects and Mogwai

Hey Guys.
Sorry about not posting for well nearly a month now, busy with a lot of things lately.
Going to be moving house, and also recording my bands demo at the moment, so busy busy.
Anyway back to the blogging.
This next video is a tutorial made by a guy on youtube named 'wxb499', who shows how to get that post-rock effect on the guitar.

He had gotten his inspiration from the post-rock band Mogwai, who I think deserves their own post, due to their amazing ability's, and quite frankly their awesomeness.

This video is them Live, INTENSE.


  1. Very cool video, I spend ours playing with my effect pedals, really don't even have to know any songs, just get lost in the creation of sound scapes. Cool blog!

  2. I really enjoyed the music, very mellow

  3. It's good advice my friend. Thanks for this video, i can learn new things :)

  4. Nice vid, never heard of them.

  5. Nice music in the video! :)

  6. Mogwai is amazing! I love their concerts.