Saturday, 26 March 2011


Time for another healthy daily dose of Post-rock.
This is Meniscus, a band whom hasn't been around for as long as the other guys, but that doesn't mean their lacking in quality.
Playing for 4 years, Meniscus still remains unsigned, yet amazing in the eyes of post-rock fans.....

The songs a decent one, it's 20 mins long.

This is quite popular in post-rock, creating songs that are very long, and spacious.  

Their able to do this using progression, so they can keep you interested the whole way through..... (Well for me they can anyway)


  1. Haven't heard of this one, but I'll check them out.

    You should join After The Post Rock. It's a nice community for people who like the genre.

  2. @ tissue rejection Sweet, thanks for the tip.

    Just realized this is the short 15 min version..... Oh well, still enjoy.

  3. never heard. but i like instrumental rock (: so thumbs for this! :D

  4. Sweet ass tunes man. Keep it up!

  5. @Vengence I think this version is better

  6. So tranquil this would make a good listen as i am doing my homework

  7. Hmm I never heard of this genre, thanks for letting me listen :) Post more!

  8. woah.. this is just GENIUS :p keep up the good work and post some more good music like this